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Masked: A Superhero Love Story
Masked: A Superhero Love Story

Masked: A Superhero Love Story For forty years, Fountain City has been filled with masked super-humans—heroes and villains alike. Now, the destructive League of Loathing has discovered a way to strip heroes of their superpowers, upsetting the balance of good and evil. In the midst of this dramatic battle of super-humanity, a hero and villain fall in love and change the destiny of their fair city.
Masked! A Superhero Love Story plays homage to the Silver Age of comics through aerial dance and acrobatics. Superheroes fly on trapezes, villains battle on silks, and citizens tumble through the city in their everyday lives. Best of all, the action is held together by a narrative story of love and friendship suitable for all ages. The incredible feats of the performers will have you wondering if they really do have superpowers.

Prices: Adult $20, At the Door $25, Child 7 & under $10
Dates: April 12 – 14

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