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Biomimicry: Nature has an app for that

Biomimicry: Nature has an app for that, with Becky Plumberg, Nature Center Specialist, Science City
Biomimicry is a relatively new science that is becoming the buzz word for educators, engineers, architects and scientists alike. Nature has solved every problem out there and when things change, they adapt quite well! Now it’s time for us to look to nature to help us find sustainable solutions to human challenges. Through an introduction to biomimicry explore some fun, hands on activities that you can take back to the classroom, plus some help from a few of our Science City Nature Center animals, find out what a well-rounded science biomimicry is and how it can interest both the creative and the analytical student! Grades 2-12. Registration is required

Professional development STEM courses for K-12 educators; Graduate credit is available through Baker University!

Price: General Admission $25
Date: April 20, 2019, 8:30am to 12:30pm

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Innovation Center
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Saturday, April 20
8:30 AM

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