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Friends & Family of 2
Friends & Family of 2
Friends & Family membership for two individuals, $75.
Membership ‪$‬75.00

As a part of this membership you receive:

  • 2 Annual Benefit
  • 800 Daily Benefit
  • 365 Popcorn
Benefits may change per price type!
Your Friends & Family membership for two people benefits include:
  • FREE admission for two people each day year-round to internationally-awarded KANSAS CITY’S SCIENCE CENTER, SCIENCE CITY
  • FREE OR DISCOUNTED ADMISSION TO NEARLY 300 MUSEUMS in the U.S. and around the world
  • FREE admission for two to a single event in ARVIN GOTTLIEB PLANETARIUM
  • FREE subscription to Union Station’s ON TRACK magazine, delivered to your home
  • EXCLUSIVE Member Events and Attraction Opening Previews
  • SPECIAL MEMBER ACCESS to weekly “Around The Station” email
  • SPECIAL MEMBER OFFERS to seasonal and limited-engagement events
  • EXCLUSIVE HOLIDAY PERKS - Free Mini Train Rides (normally $5) for young children; Advance Reservations for Holiday Express Train and Santa Visits, etc.
Union Station Kansas City, Inc. Membership account/card holders must be 18 year of age or older

The money generated from membership program helps fund operation of our permanent attractions and to preserve this wonderful building - the gem in Kansas City's skyline.
Your membership is effective immediately and you can use the benefits as soon as you like. For future online purchases be sure to login with the same user id and password as your membership. We will mail you your member cards promptly but if you don't want to wait, you can bring your confirmation email and some ID and we can print your member cards at the box office.

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